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Weight Loss Plan on Track

Well, I have now finished the first week of My Weight Loss Plan. How did I do?

Quite well, actually, thanks for asking.

I started the week at 198 pounds, and today I weighed in at 194.5 pounds, for a loss of 3.5 pounds on the week. I of course realize that some of that loss is water weight, but I’m happy; I wanted to lose weight, and that’s what I did.

How did I do it?

First, I gave up carbs for breakfast. Every morning I ate eggs (you can read my egg post for more details). For lunch and dinner I ate a lot of vegetables and chicken and salads. There are lots of things you can do with those foods, so it wasn’t boring at all.

Precor 9.33 treadmill

Second, I did a moderate amount of exercise. During the week I went for one 30 minute walk, I did one cardio session (30 minutes of walking and jogging on my Precor 9.33 treadmill). I also did two twenty minute weight training sessions.

Why only 20 minutes each? Because I knew, since I’m just getting back into it, my muscles would be tired and would need time to recover, so I didn’t want to over do it.

Also, one problem with exercise is that it makes you hungry, so I wanted to exercise enough to get the benefit of exercise, but not so much I just had to eat more to satisfy my hunger. (I’m using the Turbulence Training concepts discussed here earlier).

Week one was a success, let’s see how we do in Week #2.


Eggs, Diet, and Weight Loss

Yesterday I talked about my plan to lose weight, and I said that as part of My Weight Loss Plan I am going to eat eggs. Here’s what I mean:

To lose weight, I want to keep my carbohydrate intake low, and focus only on good carbs. Therefore, during the week, I’m going to skip having cereal for breakfast, which is high in carbs and sugar, and replace cereal with eggs, which are high in protein.

Today for breakfast I took one whole egg, and three egg whites. (I buy the egg whites separately; it’s easy, and I’m not wasting the egg yolks. I like one whole egg for flavor, and the egg whites for volume with fewer calories.) Today I chopped up some fresh spinach, some feta cheese, and some black olives.

I mixed the egg and egg whites, poured them into a frying pan coated with olive oil, and made an omelette. Once cooked enough to allow for flipping, I flip in over and dump on the spinach, cheese and black olives. I fold it over, and put the pan to the side of the stove for one minute (I don’t want the eggs to cook so much they get rubbery, but I want the spinach limp and the cheese somewhat melted).

Then it’s put it on a plate and eat.

How hard is this? It’s easy, because I do most of the preparation the night before. I chop the spinach, feta cheese, and black olives and put them in a Ziploc container, so in the morning all I need to do is dump them on.

One word of caution: I find that with this diet I need to nd drink lots of water to counter balance the salt in the olives and the cheese, and to keep me regular.

Tomorrow, some thoughts on exercise.


Weight Loss – Time to Make a Plan to Lose Weight

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any comments about My Weight Loss Plan, so here’s the update: I was doing well for a while, but I’ve slipped back into bad habits. As of today I weigh 198 pounds; I’m a 43 year old male, 5 feet 11 inches tall, so a more appropriate weight for me would be around 178 pounds, which means I need to lose 15 or 20 pounds.

My peak weight was 205 pounds, and I managed to lose about 25 pounds on the Atkins Diet, but I didn’t stick with it, so obviously now some of the weight has returned. I also need to spend more effort on exercise.

So, here’s my plan:

I am going to focus on slow carbs, not no carbs. During the week I’ll skip the cereal and eat eggs instead (tomorrow I’ll post what I mean by that). I’ll eat lots of vegetables and proteins, and avoid anything white (white bread, pasta, etc.). I will avoid all deserts, and drink lots of water.

Also, I’m going to start exercising; I’ll post my thoughts on that in two days time, so check back for more details, and wish me luck.


Basal Metabolic Rate, Turbulence Training, and Weight Loss

As we all know, to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. The number of calories you need can be determined by calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), as shown on our Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator.


Research Turbulence Training.

  The editors of are always looking for ways to combine science, like the Basal metabolic rate (BMR), with ways to lose weight, and we believe we have found it with Craig Ballantyne’s revolutionary Turbulence Training System, where you can lose fat while gaining muscle with just three short (but intense) workouts each week.    

Say good-bye to boring cardio: say hello to lean muscle and weight loss!

Here’s the scoop, directly from the source:

Dear Friend:

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Here’s why: My name is Craig Ballantyne. I’m a world-renowned Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and author of too many articles to count in magazines such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, and Muscle and Fitness Hers.

I’ve developed a revolutionary new fat loss system called Turbulence Training, which was designed specifically to help busy men and women such as students, executives and parents with young children to get the most results in the least amount of time.

Turbulence Training is Scientifically Proven, it is endorsed by elite trainers and top fitness magazines, and has been used by thousands of men and women for fat burning as well as strength training muscle and improving your health and energy levels at the same time.


Put science to work for you. Imagine losing weight without spending 7 hours a week in the gym!

For more information, click here to read more about Turbulence Training.


Weight Loss Program Tip 7– Drinks Lots of Water

Many weight loss programs want you to buy fancy and expensive foods to lose weight. Here’s a tip that costs you almost nothing: drink lots of water.

Water helps with weight loss because it flushes your system out, keeps you hydrated, has no calories, and if you are drinking water, you are not eating.

Six cups of water per day is a good target; eight is even better, particularly if you are exercising.

Water has the added benefit of keeping you full, so instead of reaching for a cookie, reach for a tall cool glass of water.   Make water an essential part of your weight loss program.


Weight Loss Program Tip 6 – Weight Yourself Regularly

Many diet gurus tell you not to weight yourself regularly, because they are afraid it will set back your weight loss program. To a certain degree this thinking is correct, because our weight can fluctuate by a few pounds on any given day. You may be retaining more or less water than usual which will skew your weight.

However, if your goal is to lose weight, the only way you can be sure you are succeeding is to weight yourself, and weigh yourself regularly. Dropping a few pounds proves that your weight loss program is working. If you find yourself gaining weight, you can start making adjustments to your diet or exercise program immediately to stay on track. Don’t be afraid of the scale.

Weigh yourself at the same time each day, and make your daily weigh in an essential part of your weight loss program.


Weight Loss Program Tip 5 – Eat Low Density Foods

One of the greatest secrets of success in every weight loss program is to fill up on low density foods. A low density food is a food that has fewer calories in every bite.

For example, a piece of cake is loaded with dozens of calories in every bite. A vegetable has relatively few calories. You would need to munch on a lot of carrots, or beans, or broccoli to get the same number of calories as you would find in a small piece of cake.

Eating low density foods works as a weight loss technique because if we eat a vast quantity of food we can trick our brains into thinking we are full. A big heaping salad looks filling, even though it contains few calories.

So start your meal with a soup or salad. Drink lots of water or tea (without sugar). And eat lots of vegetables to fill up and jump start your weight loss program.


Weight Loss Program Tip 4 – Eat Healthy and Limit The Amount You Eat

Any good weight loss program will tell you to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and most weight loss programs advise you to eat some lean meat, fish, and whole grains. They also tell you to avoid processed grains (like white bread), and foods with added sugar, like soft drinks.

However, eating healthy is not enough. You must also limit the amount of calories you consume. The math is simple: you must burn more calories than you eat to lose weight.

A boneless, skinless chicken breast is healthy, but if you eat ten of them in one sitting you will gain weight. So watch your portion sizes to cut down on the amount of food you eat. A serving of meat should not be bigger than the palm of your hand; if you are eating more than that, you are eating too much.

Eat healthy foods, but eat everything in moderation.


Weight Loss Program Tip 3 – Avoid Junk Food

This tip is a no-brainer. Every single book about how to lose weight will tell you the same thing: avoid junk food.

Soft drinks are nothing buy sugar and water. They provide no nutritional benefit, but are loaded with calories. Fast foods like fries and hamburgers and milkshakes are the same: lots of calories, no nutritional value.

Instead of drinking soft drinks, drink water or tea. Instead of getting a burger and fries, order a sandwich. For more information, read about weight loss and Wendy’s.

And remember, you can bring a snack of carrots or beans to work; you don’t need fries and a soft drink!


Weight Loss Program Tip 2 – Exercise

It is almost impossible to lose weight through exercise alone, but your weight loss program will have a greater chance of success if you include exercise in your daily routine. Here’s why:

First, you burn more calories exercising than sitting watching TV, so you lose weight faster. Even better, as your body works hard to repair itself after exercise, you burn calories even when you are not exercising.

Second, exercise makes you feel good, it’s invigorating, and a positive mental attitude is an essential element in any weight loss program.

Third, exercise makes you healthier, benefiting your heart, blood circulation, and muscles. Resistance exercises build strong muscles and strong bones, and the more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn (read more about your Basal Metabolic Rate).

Finally, exercise helps you sleep, and sound sleep is an essential element in any weight loss program. Read more in our article about the Importance of Exercise in your Weight Loss Program.


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