Swimming and Weight Loss

Want a great way to lose weight?  Try swimming.  Yes, the activity that you loved as a child, back in the good old days when you did not even think about exercise, is still a great exercise today.

If you live in the Northern United States or in Canada you can’t swim outside all year long.  In cold climates a trip to an indoor pool in the middle of winter may not be particularly appealing.  But once the summer weather arrives there is nothing more refreshing that a swim in an outdoor pool.  The hotter the day, the better.

If you want to lose weight while swimming, swim with a purpose.  Don’t just splash around in the water; if you want to burn a pound of fat a week, or burn 3,500 calories a week, you need to swim.

Start by doing an easy length or two of front crawl.  Then do some breast stroke, then back stroke.  Then do another set, but faster.  Then do the front crawl just using your arms, as fast as you can.  Variety is key, so change it up.

I find that a half an hour in the pool goes by in no time, and a full hour is easy once you get used to it.  Have fun, because if you enjoy it, weight loss is fun.

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