Eat Carbs After Exercise

Followers of the Atkins Diet were taught that carbohydrates, or carbs for short, are bad. Carbs are converted by the body into sugar, sugar turns to fat, body fat is bad, therefore carbs are bad. As with most things in life, it’s not that simple.

Yes, some carbs are quickly digested, which gives you a boost of energy. We all know what that’s like: you eat a chocolate bar, and immediately get a sugar rush, and then you crash. However, energy is a good thing if you are exercising, so guess what? The key to carbs is timing.

If you eat carbs during or immediately after exercise, carbohydrates give your body quick energy, which aids in recovery after exercise. And that is the secret to carbs. Consume starchy carbs that are converted into energy, like breads, grains and pasta, during the two to three hours after exercise to aid in recovery. Carbs that are high in sugar, like fruit juices and sports drinks, should only be consumed during or immediately after exercise. Carbs that are high in fiber, like vegetables, beans, and some fruits, can be eaten any time, because the fiber content slows the absorption into your body, which keeps blood sugar stable.

Next week, a word about fats.

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