Protein and Vegetables – Nature’s Weight Loss Secret

Protein, which is found in meats and some plant based foods, is necessary for weight loss because it makes you feel full, it burns calories while it’s digesting, and with proper exercise it helps build muscle mass.

Vegetables have fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and lots of other nutrients, and I don’t think there is any sane person on the planet who doesn’t believe that vegetables are an important part of every healthy diet.

The amazing thing is that by combing both proteins and vegetables at every meal, your body will be even healthier.

It’s important to have balanced pH levels in our bodies. pH (what the scientists call ‘potential of hydrogen”) is the balance between positively charged (acid-forming) ions and negatively charged (alkalinizing) ions.

Our bodies want to maintain a pH balance of around 7.4, so it deposits or withdraws alkalinizing minerals and other products from our body tissues as needed. This may result in decreased muscle mass

If you eat a lot of acidic foods (like proteins) without balancing them with more alkaline foods (like vegetables), you will slow down your metabolism.

By eating veggies with proteins, you boost your metabolism, neutralize acid, strengthen your bones, and encourage muscle growth.

We’ve talked about proteins and vegetables; in my next weight loss blog entry I will discuss carbohydrates.

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