A side effect of going on vacation

In my previous post I talked about going on vacation.  I said that I would eat right, exercise, and drink lots of fluids.  I didn’t realize how important the fluids would be.

I’m a very regular person, if you know what I mean.  And yet, my entire family, myself included, was not regular for the first two days of our vacation.  We just went on a driving trip; we didn’t switch time zones or fly anywhere, and yet our schedules got all messed up.

I assume it’s because of spending time in the car, and not being on a routine schedule.  By day three we seem to be back to normal, but I learned an important lesson:

Fluids are very important while on vacation.  We all know that to lose weight you need fluids; apparently while on vacation water and other fluids are important to keep you regular.

For the rest of my vacation I plan to increase my water intake, just to be sure.

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