Bad diet tricks: these diet techniques don't work, so don't use them
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Bad Diet Tricks


To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. There are a number of bad diet ideas to help you do this; we suggest you avoid them.


First, diet pills are a bad diet trick, because they have no scientifically proven record of success.

Pills like amphetamines and ephedra are supposed to speed up your metabolism to help you lose weight, but they have been linked to heart palpitations, strokes and heart attacks which can lead to death, even in people who had no history of heart attacks or strokes.

Losing weight is great, but not if you end up dead.

Even supplements, such as hoodia, have not been proven to work (at least not in the pill form we can purchase in North America).

Second, some diets tell you to avoid certain common foods. Since one food alone will not make or break your diet, this strategy seldom works.

For example, some diets tell you you will lose weight if you stop drinking coffee, or dairy products. The Atkins Diet tells you to avoid bread and pasta in the initial phases of the diet.

Instead of focusing on what specific food to consume or avoid, it is better to focus on eating healthy foods, in balance, all the time.

Finally, much has been written about the glycemic index, or about blood sugar control (which was really the point behind the Atkins Diet as well). The theory is that if you eat foods high in carbohydrates or sugar, like a piece of cake, your blood sugar increases rapidly, so your body produces insulin to stabilize your blood sugar levels. This decrease in blood sugar levels causes you to "crash", making you feel hungry, so you crave even more food.

The science behind the glycemic index and blood sugar theories is correct, but few people eat just one food in isolation. We eat cake, but usually only after a meal. This makes it hard to decide what will happen to your blood sugar after a meal.

Controlling blood sugar levels is important, so focus on eating a variety of healthy foods, such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and lead proteins, all in moderation. An occasional small piece of cake won't break your diet; just make sure you eat it after you have filled up on healthy foods.

To lose weight on a diet, avoid silly fads. Eat healthy foods in moderation, and you will achieve weight loss success.


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